Eight years ago my husband, four children, and I relocated to Cornwall, Connecticut from Long Island, New York. Since then, I have uncovered a talent and a flair for baking. Because of this discovery, more and more people were asking me to bake for different events. I accepted a job at the former Cornwall General Store as their baker and the 10 hour a week job turned into 40 plus hours because we could not keep my baked goods on the shelf. When the store closed, I quickly realized people were still interested in ordering my products. I built a certified baking kitchen in my house that allows me to take orders and produce baked goods from home. I use only high quality ingredients, buy local products that are available, and use organic ingredients whenever possible. Everything is baked with the love and ingredients that I would serve my own family. I do not use preservatives, therefore all products are best eaten within a few days. You can also freeze most of the baked goods; especially the pies.